Wednesday, 22 December 2010

At last the idiot learns

It was a cold snowy July morn in panty panty and the world was at peace as the recently ressurected Homer was frolicking through the enchanted internet he was back among the partially social people and could be now contacted at a moments notice.

However Homer being Homer being a goat, he had stupidly sent an affensive email to Mark Zuckerberg describing how terrible he was and that his website, despite Homer's need to use it or else all his friends would forget about him, was a piece of rubbish. This did not sit well with Zuckerberg the pony as he read his one insulting email a day, "I shall have to deal with mr Homer personally as this insult to myself and facebook shall not stand!"

So Zuckerberg travelled to Panty panty and met with Homer the overly grammatical owl, and gave him a stongly worded letter that not only told him to cease and decist but also called into question his ability to write as his stories were too fantisful for the readers to connect to the characters, and also questioned his mother's sexuallity.

reading the letter Homer began to cry, Zuckerberg then proceeded to take all of Homer's money and musical talent and proceeded to leave Panty panty while Homer lay sobbing.

The End.

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