Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The idiot to end all idiots

After being resurrected somehow, Homer the racist swan was back and this time he had a new idea that he thought would set the world on fire, "what if i get rid of the one of the most direct ways of contacting me! Why thats a brilliant notion," and with two clicks of a literal mouse the task was done.

"Now to sit back and see what i have acomplished," said our feline friend.

Minutes became hours, hours became days, days became minutes again (time is a funny thing) and still Homer the bee didnt hear from any of his supposed friends who had previously murdered him. "Why? oh Why? have they not joined my revolution he thought as he logged into his email account.

In his near empty inbox Homer the hound found one new email it was from his friend Sam, "This will cheer me up no end," remarked the kangeroo version of Homer. The Email read, Dear Homer I cant be bothered to txt you my phone is at least 2 metric feet away, and without facebook i can no longer contact you, this is an email to confirm the end of our friendship,
fond farewells,
Sam the bunny.
p.s everyone else feels the same but can't be bothered with the process of email.

It was the sadness from this email that prompted Homer the mexican to them overdose on potatoes and take his own life.

The End???

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